meet cachel

Cachel has been crafting up high-end residential and commercial spaces since 2006. She spent her early life in Salt Lake City, Utah designing and creating anything & everything she dreamt in her parents welding and manufacturing warehouse.  
She made the exciting move to California to pursue her passion at Design Institute of San Diego, where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts with an Emphasis in Interior Design. 
Over a decade later, Cachel's fingerprints have been cemented in some of Southern California’s most beautiful landscapes. From ocean-front mansions up and down the coast of San Diego, to luxury high rises in LA, to rustic Utah getaways.  

Beyond interior design, she and her team offer what they like to call Custom Tailored Life Enhancements- Super Women with skills that cater to the needs of todays busy professionals. In the last decade of her professional design career, she saw her clients had a desire and need for more. Many of them busy bachelors, lacked the eye and skills a woman generally brings to the home. The woman's touch. Organization, order, functionality… down to the simple stocking of household necessities. Healthy food, juice & alkaline water delivery, personal styling and shopping. All the while, ensuring clients are prepared for (and remember) important dates, special occasions & holidays,  and procuring the perfect gifts to present. Personal shopping, for you and your significant others.
How can we Make Your life Nice (r)